Being positive in negative situations

Conquering negativity with the help of CBD

By Parker Muck - February 17, 2022

Lets face it, At least one time this week you have probably thought to yourself "the world sucks". In some ways it seems negativity in daily modern life is almost suffocating. We are constantly bombarded with a stream of negative media and advertisements that are taylored to make you unsatisfied with the things you have. Andreas Kluth, an opinion columnist at bloomberg, published an article titled "In 2022 Lets be More Positive and Less Negative". In this article he recounts his experience with "Negativity Bias" and how it influenced his opinion of his readers. Despite what he described as abusive and threatening emails being sent to him from disgruntled readers Kluth realized in the totality of his interaction with his reader, the vast majority were positive. This led Kluth down a line of questioning trying to understand why the negativity seemed to weigh so heavily compared to the undersized impact of the abundance of positivity that he could find in his life if he simply looked for it. He reasons that while having a negativity bias can be beneficial in a survival context, in a modern context the internet creates a hurricane of negativity that has no functional purpose. Kluth concludes that perhaps behavioral changes, Including limited social media use and practices in mindfulness, may be the best course of action to inoculate himself against this unnecessary negativity. While I believe his suggestions on mindful practices is an important facet of this equation he does ignore the innate physical reactions to negativity. Have you ever read a mean comment online and got a stomach ping of anxiety that seems to radiate through your body? In some ways the unpleasant and anxious physical reaction can be more memorable and damaging than the stimuli itself. This feedback from the physical body and the mind reinforce each other in a cycle that ends with you on a weekly or daily basis repeating the mantra "this world sucks". If you're like me then the power of positive thinking can only take you so far. So how do I address the physiological underpinnings that aid in the creation of this negativity bias? The answer: CBD. Now I'm not saying CBD is a cure all for thinking positively. After all, Kluth helped us explore the psychological aspects of this phenomenon. What I am saying is that CBD helps alleviate/dampen the common anxious feelings that can arise from exposure to negative stimuli. Alleviating the physical sensations of negativity has aided me in being able to filter the bad and more easily recognize the good.         


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