CBD and your fitness goals

Conquering physical and mental challenges in the gym

By Todd Muck - February 16, 2022

When I got started into fitness as a teenager in highschool I always made a point to stay away from the newest crazy supplement that was supposed to make me 3x my gains or whatever. I found that I was able to find physical success without the need of additional supplements. However, a combination of college,shut downs and mental health issues meant that despite my active teen years my life has become quite sedentary. Recently I decided I needed to become more active again. While I developed a good catalog of fitness knowledge in my teen years physically and mentally I have changed. I stay sore longer, the struggles of life get in my way and prevent me from making time for this activity of self care. I also feel anxious walking into a crowded gym with the structured regimen of my youth giving way to the chaos of a busy public space. While C4 and creatine supplements are still not in my fitness journey I believe CBD is a beneficial addition for both physical and mental reasons. Physically, CBD helps me recover quicker by reducing inflammation that can occur while working out. I get more of the positive physical effects from CBD like feeling less stressed, more limber and the endorphin high while CBD helps alleviate the negative effects, primarily, soreness. Especially in my early stages of reconnecting with my physically active side, having CBD to help with my recovery has been great for staying motivated and keeping at my fitness goals. Mentally, CBD has been great for my gym anxiety/anxiety in general. I'm the type of person that would gladly walk into a gym that is more reminiscent of a ghost town than a bustling metropolitan area. From the nagging fear that everyone is watching my every move to the imaginary confrontations I may have with other gymgores over shared equipment, my mental state occupies an oversized impact on my getting to the gym and staying long enough to get a good workout. Once again CBD has been beneficial in this department. While it isn't a cure all it has been incredible in helping me manage the negative thoughts that seem all too intrusive. 
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