A dosage Guide for CBD

By Parker Muck - February 19, 2021

In almost every interaction I have with our new customers, the question of dosage comes up practically every time. In every interaction, I walk our customers what is called the stepwise dosage procedure. This procedure involves establishing a good baseline dosage and incrementally adjusting the dosage from there. We often recommend this procedure because over the years we have found respective of body composition many people are more and or less sensitive to the effects of CBD. 
Reboot Life's Stepwise Dosage Procedure: 
  1. I usually begin my procedure by explaining to our customers the kinds of dosages they can expect out of our tinctures. 
    1. (our soft gels are a consistent 20Mg of CBD per each pill dosageing is more straight forward in these cases)
  2. Next I will ask what they are looking to get out of CBD. 
    1. The answers can vary widely 
    2. Since we get people looking to take CBD for anything from trouble sleeping to chronic pain I usually tailor my baseline dosage to the severity of the condition. 
      1. For moderate everyday things, I recommend our customers start with a dose of 2-3 mg for every 10 Lb of body weight
      2. For more serious conditions such as cancer, I recommend doubling that at 4-6 mg per 10 Lb in body weight initially
  3. After establishing the baseline I go on to stress that it is very important that our customers experiment with the dosages for a week or two following their purchase. This step is very important in ensuring one's success while taking CBD. We believe it's important to listen to your body and aware of how it responds to CBD. 
  4. This process is also very important in establishing the right time of day to take the dose as well. We have found some customers choose to take all of their CBD at night because it makes them tired. Some of our customers enjoy splitting their dose for all-day pain relief as well as a relaxing night's sleep.  
  5. We have found this procedure is the best for establishing a successful CBD regimen for continued and enduring therapeutic results.
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