Our Farm

We're local farmers, business on the side.

We are really farmers at heart. Just growing our hemp naturally, sustainably, and responsibly. Through our passion for the land, we produce some of the finest hemp oil supplements you'll find. It's just a bonus that they come from right here in the US of A. We love the work and are glad to help our customers along the way.

Our Driving Force

We're believers.

We're in this industry because we know CBD products are amazing. We have first-hand experience with the life-changing effects. For so many people, they have to choose between the suffering of their illness or the suffering of medication side effects. We're devoted to creating a product that works without the side effects. We have seen a better way, and that gets us fired up.

Meet Our Team

We’re a small, close-knit team with a shared passion for the product and the land.



Todd leads our team with over 40 years of experience in the farming industry. When he discovered the huge range of health benefits of CBD products, he knew he wanted to put his farming experience to work growing hemp. He loves being a part of an up-and-coming industry with an optimistic future. Todd is positive, motivated, and outgoing. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and taking occasional vacations.


Sales Distribution & Advertising

Brett is an important part of most aspects of the business, from hemp harvest to product sales, advertising to expos. He’s a hard worker and dedicated to the business. Brett loves meeting and relating to all the people that CBD has helped. When he’s not hard at work, he can be found hanging with his friends, attending local rodeos, or at times hitting a round of golf.



Kiley works hard to grow the business through advertising, product research, selling products and implementing promotions. Inspired by the incredible wellness benefits they have witnessed, Kiley joined her father in the business. She loves working with her father and helping people. She is compassionate as well as ambitious. On the side, Kiley enjoys helping people as a hair stylist. In her free time, Kiley and her fiancee love to go on adventures and see the world.


We founded this business to provide the health benefits of pure hemp oil to anyone. We stand behind our products because we believe they really do help you live a healthier life.


In an industry riddled with dishonest practices, we promise that we won't compromise. We commit to growing, processing, and packaging our products the right way, even when it means slimmer margins.


We never use filler oils or make substitutions. We care for our plants tenderly and naturally and test for trace contaminants. Your products will have exactly what is on the label. Nothing more, nothing less.