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Cannabis Bioscience Development Client Submitted Reviews

Zachariah E
I have type two Diabetes, arthritis, and almost 30 years of physical labor under my belt. I have tried 7 other brands, all of which did next to nothing for me. I have been using this brand for 13 months now, and at this point, I am not sure how I could ever live without it again.
Susan L
I have been using the Reboot Life 1500mg CBD Pain Relief Salve for the past 6 months to treat a shoulder injury and the relief from the chronic pain has made an incredible difference in my quality of life. I'm so grateful for the product. The impact was immediate and has been sustained.
Quality, highly effective products at a fair price with excellent customer service. I've tried dozens of companies, this is one of the best in Colorado.
Sandra Miller
Have arthritis in my right foot, and 7 days on the l,000 mg. tincture not only got rid of the pain while on the product, but I stopped to see how long before the pain returned - and it has not returned!! That was over 3 months ago!! Also put my older mares with stiffness on the pellets. They love the taste and are moving better. So glad to have these products so close to home!!
Shane F
The absolute best shop with a full line of CBD products, with fantastic quality and prices! I go every few weeks to get CBD dog cookies, my furbabies LOVE them, and it they have made such a difference in their anxiety due to separation anxiety. And a couple of mine are elderly, and the CBD treats have them acting like puppies again. Can't say enough about the great staff, and the piece of mind that they grow their own hemp, make their own products, and have them independently tested. I will never shop anywhere else!
Brett Weeder
Barbara Cott
Josh Hansen
Michael Watterton